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Latin Diets app Available on Google Play!

In April, Latin Diets, a new relative to the Funds Arch Thrive Empowered network of Web Apps hit the app store.

"Latin Diets is a new app the offers the option of either using an American Nutritionist diet or the ability to select foods in Spanish that are found in Latin American cultures. The app helps integrate the two cultures together, offering both a learning experience, globalization, and more personalization for those more familiar with Latin foods"

Memberships are inclusive to all FATE apps, meaning if you subscribe to Latin Diets, you gain access to both ManageMyNutrition.com and the Online Nutritionist web applications.

Expense and Income tracker with monthly summaries added to the dashboard

If you haven't already seen the new Income and Expense tracking feature, log into your dashboard and give it a try. This new feature is great to keep track of your monthly net cash flow or to keep track of certain expenses. Looking to keep track of expensible purchases during business events and travel? Take advantage of the new feature to quickly add them to your monthly expense summary.

Ronnie Diet added

Ready to commit to an intense diet plan? Try the new Ronnie Diet from Chris Ronnie. An all natural paleo style diet with low sugar and natural fats


Frequently Asked Questions


After subscribing, what if I decide to cancel?

No worries! You may cancel whenever. The memberships are month-to-month, and if you decide to cancel, your card will not be billed again.

How do I cancel?

This depends on how you subscribed. If you joined with Apple, you must cancel your subscription using the same method required to cancel any other Apple in-app subscription, using your Apple device. If you subscribed through the Android (Google Play) app or through one of the websites, there is a cancelation link in the main menu after logging in that will bring you to the cancelation screen with instructions. If you do not receive confirmation of your request, email memberships@managemynutrition.com.

More FAQs are being added, please check back soon!


What type of diet is provided?

The best! The diets are ideal for either reducing fat or building muscle. Simply provide your goal when setting up your profile and you will receive a diet each day that gets you to your caloric goal. Your diet is provided by a trained expert.

After selecting a diet plan, am I able to select a different one after?

Of course! You are able to change your diet plan whenever. If you want faster results and are ready to commit, try the Ronnie Diet. The new diet will start the first day you have not yet viewed your previous diet. You are able to view your current diet up to five days in advance, and once viewing your diet, that diet will remain on the dates you viewed, even after you change your diet plan.

More FAQs are being added, please check back soon!


What comes with my subscription?

Once you subscribe, you gain full access to all features of the web app. This includes a personalized diet plan, exercise planner, checklist, notepads, income and expense trackers, customizable charts linked to your diets, and more!

More FAQs are being added, please check back soon!