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After subscribing, what if I decide to cancel?

No worries! You may cancel whenever. The memberships are month-to-month, and if you decide to cancel, your card will not be billed again.

How do I cancel?

This depends on how you subscribed. If you joined with Apple, you must cancel your subscription using the same method required to cancel any other Apple in-app subscription, using your Apple device. If you subscribed through the Android (Google Play) app or through one of the websites, there is a cancelation link in the main menu after logging in that will cancel your membership. Go to Settings -> Configurations -> Click here if you want to cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you may log into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription through PayPal.


What is included in my Free Plan?

The Free Plan includes full access to the state-of-the-art daily planner, along with a starter plan of seven daily diet plans from a qualified Nutritionist App nutritionist*.

Who provides the daily diet plans?

All Nutritionist App nutritionists* are qualified experts with, at minimum, a Bachelor of Science, and experience working onsite with clients as a licensed/certified coach. The certification must be on a list of recognized agencies and must include a nutrition component. An example would be a college graduate holding a Bachelor of Science with experience as a certified trainer working at a gym certified through World Instructor Training Schools as long as the WITS certification included the nutrition component with proof of a passing score in nutrition.

What happens when the Free Plan concludes?

During the Free Plan, you will not be billed at all. You will receive seven daily diet plans from a Nutritionist App nutritionist*. During the seven day plan, information will be collected from you in order to provide a more customized diet plan. This includes optional communication with a Nutritionist App nutritionist* while setting goals, adjustments in your diet plan, activity levels and caloric expenditure. The instant your Free Plan concludes, and your first payment is received, your customized diet plan becomes available. You may select this diet plan in the menu Settings → View Current Diet Plan. Click the ‘SELECT’ button to change from the ‘Nutritionist App Generic Diet Plan’ to your customized diet plan ‘[Your First Names] [Your Last Names] Diet Plan’. The ‘Nutritionist App Generic Plan’ only includes seven daily diet plans, so it is important to change your plan as soon as the Free Plan concludes.

What is the difference between ManageMyNutrition.com and NutritionistApp.com?

Each are owned by the same company. Then only difference is the nutritionist diet. ManageMyNutrition.com was started in Santa Barbara California in 2011, initially launched as Manage My Nutrition LLC in 2014. Mancuso International L.L.C. launched Nutritionist App .com in 2020 with a state-of-the-art planning platform. Manage My Nutrition .com was migrated onto the completely novel and modernized Nutritionist App proprietary platform, but keeps the same nutritionist dietary philosphies.


What are the features?

With each membership, you will receive a daily nutritionist diet generated by an expert, along with access to a completely comprehensive daily planner, including a fitness planner capable of calculating specific caloric expenditure based on individual profiles, a checklist, notepad, shopping list, charts that keep record of any nutrient fathomable, progress images, and a state-of-the-art diet planning experience. All experts generating your diet have at minimum a Bachelor degree and onsite experience working with clients as a certified coach in nutrition & fitness. To access the community, you must have an active membership through Online Nutritionist (Manage My Nutrition .com) or Nutritionist App (Nutritionist App .com). The community is available at ManageMyNutrition.com/blog. Whether purchasing your membership through Online Nutritoinist or Nutritionist App, you will receive access to all the same features, including daily diets generated by the same pool of qualified Nutritionist App Nutritionists*. However, each diet is produced independently based whether you joined through Online Nutritionist or Nutritonist App.